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 Advanced techniques

 to get your website 

 above your competitors

Our in-house SEO training, London, will offer you a great insight into how the SEO industry really works, a real eye-opener, and afterwards you will know more than most of the UK's co-called SEO "experts"...

You can save your company thousands of pounds a month by not engaging an SEO company for something that you could do yourself.

Geoff Wolak

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Our websites, friends & clients websites...

SEO Services

Given that I teach SEO, you would also figure that I offer corporate SEO advice and a website boosting service - through quality UK backlinks, keyword analysis and competitor analysis...

Such services can work hand in hand with your own SEO training and development.

I'm Geoff Wolak, an SEO expert, and I offer private "in-house SEO training" seminars for London companies.

Unlike most SEO "experts", I develop and promote my own websites, making money from them...

I don't just teach it, I do it.